​Cloverdale Police Department


Emergency Call 911

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The Mission of the Cloverdale Police Department is to provide a safe secure atmosphere, and enhance the quality of life in the Town of Cloverdale by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution.  Our Mission is to strengthen public confidence in the organization, develop and maintain positive relations with the community and to promote a safe and friendly community through enforcement and education.


We promise to diligently uphold the laws that protect both life and property of citizens of Cloverdale without bias or prejudice.  We pledge to conduct ourselves both professionally and personally in ways which clearly show that honesty and integrity are our code of honor.


It is the vision of the members of the Cloverdale Police Department to serve as leaders in the law enforcement community.  Our officers will strive to conduct themselves in a manner that will set an example for our community and all law enforcement officers to follow.